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Ironbark Trading Company Handcrafted UP 1912 Swivel Tree Military Saddle.


This is an exact copy of the original swing tree saddle and all the equipment

This includes

Swing tree saddle, saddle wallets and Y straps, horse shoe case, Rifle bucket, girth- (folded or split style .please indicate type required) . surcingle, Stirrups,stirrup leathers, lance bucket, Feed bag, Nose bag, Gear straps Piquet peg, water bucket and breast plate, Bridle, Lancer bit,Mess tin & cover. 

Made from top quality leather and materials.Army saddle felt numnar pads, are made from top quality Felt and leather , military brass roller buckles. Felt is the correct colour and thickness. Made by Ironbark trading Company Aust


Fully Mounted Light Horse Saddle & bridle set

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