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British WWI & WWII Leather Brodie Helmet Carrier for Saddle or Belt New Made Item: These are identical to those issued since the turn-of-the-century and through both world wars. Use with any British WW1 or WW2 pattern "Brodie" Helmet. They would normally have been attached to the belt or the saddle of their horse, as a more stylish alternative to the standard canvas issued carriers used by the enlisted men.

The carrier has one strap with buckle for securing the helmet, while the two on the side are for attaching to the belt or saddle.

This helmet carrier is quality workmanship

NOTE: Carrier ONLY. Helmet is not included and is only pictured for illustrative purposes.

This is an exact copy of the original 

Made from top quality leather and materials

light horse British WWI & WWII Leather Brodie Helmet Carrier for Saddle

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