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Australian Pack saddle 

**These are hand made to order and may take from 6-8 weeks to deliver.


This pack saddle comes with a swinging tree.The swing tree is derived from the early Military pack saddle trees. This Tree is a lower-arched style this is ideal for packing in mountainous or heavily-timbered country). The counter lined serge panels are designed to enable the horse to carry the heaviest of loads with the minimum of discomfort.

The pack saddle comes complete with the breastplate and breeching, a Pack Surcingle for tying the whole load together. Double girths with connector is designed to improve the stability of the load.

A pack pad is bigger than a riding saddle pad. You need the larger saddle pad for the pack saddle to protect your pack animal.


· Quality Pack Saddle.

 Quality oiled harness leather.

· Quality steel swinging tree frame, Cypress Pine timbers

· thick leather breast plate. 2 1/2" wide.

· Leather breeching. 2 1/2" wide.

· Leather pack pads, thick serge padded lining.

· Twin Leather girth rig.

· Brass hardware.

· Roller buckles for easy adjustment.


Pack saddle and harness (no bags )

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